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4th Mega Project (2017) of Rajans Group of 94

4th Mega Project (2017) of Rajans Group of 94 - Infrastructures for Technology Subject Stream

The outline of the fourth Mega Project of our group (group of 94) has been emerged. The Technology Stream was newly introduced by the Ministry of Education to the local Advanced Level examination as to face the ever evolving future demands. Unfortunately our alma mater lacks the facilities to go on with this subject stream. As requested by the principal, Group of 94 has decided to setup the infrastructure so that the basic requirement can be fulfilled.

*The letter sent to the Provincial Department of Education

Under this project we have decided to renovate the abandoned ex Year 11 building. There are four separate classrooms in this abandoned building. It has been decided to convert it to two (large) classroom building and hand it over to the college management.

A field study has been done in order to estimate the expanses and a BOQ has been prepared for the job.

* BOQ of Mega Project 4 (2017)

Previously we had never renovated any abandoned building so it will be a challenge for us to complete this project. It will cost a lot when comparing with previous projects and have to take lot of attention to make it with standards. It’s time for all our members (of Rajans OBU Group of 94) to support this project and offer it to the new generation .. 

C’mon Rajans .. Let’s begin it with confidence ..

Announcement - Get-together 2017

15th Annual Get-Together (2017) of Rajans OBU Group of 94

Annual Get-Together of our group (Rajans 94) will be held on Saturday 4th of March 2017 at 6:00 pm.
Venue : Oak-Ray Regency, Gatambe

Family members are welcome!

For more information please contact
Chaminda (malli) : 0776990392
Dilshan (Tommy Hilfiger) : 0718227682
Hulan (gamuwa) : 0777646166