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From the Touchlines - Rajans Rugby 2012 Updates

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For the third consecutive year we (Rajans OBU Group of 94) will publish the final scores of the rugby matches of Rajans Rugby team. Our intention is not to provide minute by minute updates but to convey the match results to the Rajans Rugby fans all around the world. Indika Basnayake of our group will update this blog post. So check this blog whenever you want to know the results!

Thanks and hail Rajans Rugby

1. Dharmaraja College Vs Carey College

Though the scheduled date was 20th of April the match was kicked off on 23rd of April 2012 at Bogambara Stadium. This was the season opener for the Rajans and the crushed the opponents by 82 points to nil. As Rajans Rugby fans we can enjoy the mammoth score but the ball handling, place kicking and the overall performance of Rajans team was not upto the standards. We all hope that we can watch some good rugby in the upcoming matches. 
Rajans Vs Carey Rugby 2012
Photo Credit : Indika Basnayake

2. Dharmaraja College Vs Nalanda College
It was played in Ratmalana Air Force grounds on 29th of April 2012. Rajans easily defeated Nalandians by 41 to 5. At lemons Rajans lead by 15 to nil.Just by considering the scores it seems that our team performed perfectly but what had been seen was not a good sign. Ball handling was not upto the standards and we could have scored a lot more in this match. So it is very important to pay the attention on those weak points before the next match and we have to keep in mind that we should get qualified for the Division A at the end of the tournament. So we have to perform like a Division A team.

Rajans Vs Nalanda Rugby 2012
Photo credit - Prasanga Kaduruwewa

3. Dharmaraja College Vs Lumbini College

Last weekend there were no rugby matches as it was the Wesak day. We all had to wait for a fortnight and finally it was worth waiting. It was a massacre. Rajans won the match by 104 points to nil against Lumbini and the performance of our team was much better than the previous two matches. Though we made few mistakes like knock-on's, we performed well 
The place kicking was awesome as we converted almost every try which was seen after a considerable period. The other important thing was the effort to polish the young guns. There were 5 replacements and that was something very important. It really revealed the thirst to expose the young guns into the battle. We must be thankful to the players, coach, ORRFA as well as every well-wisher for this significant improvement.

Rajans Vs Lumbini Rugby 2012
Photo Credit : Indika Basnayake
External link : The Sunday Times - Sports News

4. Dharmaraja College Vs St Sylvester's College

It was another win as we all expected but again the performance of our team during the first half was not upto the standards. As the end of first half the score was 24 to 19. The second half was far more better than the first half and the final score was 73 to 26. Again we have to pay much more attention on our performance because what was seen in the first half was not very pleasant.
Rajans Vs St Sylvesters Rugby 2012
Photo Credit : Indika Basnayake
External link : Daily News (Sports page)

5. Dharmaraja College Vs C.W.W. Kannangara Vidyalaya

In this match we recorded the highest points so far and again it is a three figure number. But we can not completely satisfy about our performance though we scored beyond a century. Still the ball handling is very poor. We saw a lot of knock-on’s and that is a basic error we must avoid in order to face the tough teams like STC or Wesley in the upcoming matches.
Rajans Vs CWW Kannangara Rugby 2012
Photo credit : Indika Basnayake
External Link : Daily News (Sports Page)

6. Dharmaraja College Vs Mahanama College

Rajans Vs Mahanama Rugby 2012
 Photo Credit : Dhanuka Konara (Rajans 02)
External Link : The Nation (Sports Page)

7. Dharmaraja College Vs St Thomas College

It was the toughest match in Division 1-B as the table leaders take on each other. St Thomas was not a big fish for us as we scored freely through out the match. The second half was awesome because most of the points were scored during the dying stage. 

Rajans Vs St Thomas Rugby 2012 P1

Rajans Vs St Thomas Rugby 2012 P2

Rajans Vs St Thomas Rugby 2012 P3

Rajans Vs St Thomas Rugby 2012 P4
Photo : Anjana Jayaratne
External Link : Daily News (2012-06-09) Sports Page

8. Dharmaraja College Vs Thurston College
This match was so much different from the rest of the matches we played in this season. Though the opponents lost the game, they seem to study us well. They played a waiting game and used their forwards very well. Always tried to keep the ball in rucks and mauls and let the time fly. This game revealed that we have to pay more attention on attacking and breaking a ruck or a maul. We can consider this match as an eye opener for us which showed our weakness so we can work on it and play much more better rugby in President's Cup.

Rajans Vs Thurstan Rugby 2012 P1
Photo Credit : Indika Basnayake
External Link : Daily News - Sports Page 2012/06/16

9. Dharmaraja College Vs Wesley College

Rajans Vs Wesley Rugby 2012
Photo Credit : Indika Basnayake
External Link : Daily Mirror (2012 - 06 - 23)

This was actually the “clash of the titans” . Both teams remained unbeaten till this match and looking for the domination in Group B. Soon as the whistle was blown Rajans scored a try and converted it and Wesley came through strongly and did the same making it 7 all. But finally it was 37 to 7 and Rajans finished the season in grand style dominating the Group B.

Though we won the match we can not 100% satisfy about the performance as there were lots of handling errors through out the match. We must pay our attention so strongly to overcome such disadvantages and polish up our skills.

Anyway we will be elevated to the Group A in next season as we all expected and a lot of hard work is on our way towards 2013. Thanks everyone for supporting Rajans Ruby and let’s make 2013 a winning season.

10. Dharmaraja College Vs Kingswood College

This was supposed to be a friendly match for the William Weerasinghe Trophy. Unfortunately Kingswoodians refused to play it. This is not very good sportsmanship.

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