29th Limited Over Ecnounter KCK Vs DRC on 24th March 2019

Annual Cricket Match 2009

The long waited Annual Cricket Match (2009) of our group (Group of 94) is scheduled to be played on 12th of December 2009. This is one of the most enjoyable moment in our life. The more the participation – more the fun! So please spread the word about it to our colleagues who are not aware of it and encourage them to take part in this event.
As everyone knows it is not just an ordinary cricket match… it is a fun filled day with some (may I say a lot of) ethanol (some say alcohol) to boost our spirits.

You are invited to the event with your spouse (This invitation is for sobers, otherwise you have to choose between wife and alcohol …)

You have to spend some 1000 bucks if you come alone and 1500 for couples (married or not … no matter) This includes STAR Class lunch from one of the leading hotels in Kandy. (for those who has the ability to pay early can help to ease the burden on the organizers and very much appreciated so please contact Hulang, Gamage or Anjula for bank account information)

For more information such as venue please contact Hulang (0716074364) or Gamage (0773103539)

So be there and see who will receive the trophy
(for the ethanol consumption)