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From the Touch Lines Rajans Rugby Updates - 2013

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It is the fourth consecutive year we (Rajans OBU Group of 94) will publish the final scores of the rugby matches of Rajans Rugby team. Our intention is not to provide minute by minute updates but to convey the match results to the Rajans Rugby fans all around the world. Indika Basnayake of our group will update this blog post. So check this blog whenever you want to know the results!

Thanks and hail Rajans Rugby

1. Dharmaraja College Vs Trinity College (2013.03.17 @ Pallekele)

This match was the season opener for the both teams and TCK were the first to touch the line not for the first but for the second time too .. Then it was Trinity's game until that moment when we came back with three back to back tires. At the dying moment of the game TCK scored their last try and they couldn't complete the conversion though it seemed to be not so difficult. The final score was 34 all and it was a draw. That's for the very first time we hold them for a draw
Unfortunately the decisions  of the veteran referee were not so fair as he did not spotted almost non of the TCK fouls.

Rajans vs Trinity 2013 - 01Rajans vs Trinity 2013 - 02

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2. Dharmaraja College Vs Isipathana College (2013.03.26 @ Bogambara)
Rajans recorded their first win of 2013 Rugby season by beating the 7s champions Isipatha by 35 points to 8. We have rewrote the history. 

As we analyse the scores it gives an impression that we have won the match easily and we have shown great performance. But for those who witness the match could have seen our performance is not in top notch thus need to pay attention on lot of weak points (fortunately not very harmful in this match). Two of our players were shown "yellow cards". This trend should be addressed immediately or can cause heavy loss in matches with strong opponents. Anyway a day to remember .. 

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Rajans vs Pathana 2013 - 01Rajans vs Pathana 2013 - 02

3. Dharmaraja College Vs Science College (2013.04.05 @ Bogambara)

It was indeed a great win for Rajans (21 to 20) in this season but the performance of our rugby team was not upto the expected level. Ball handling was poor and lost a lot of line outs. Finally we had a narrow escape. This is the best time to review our performance and make necessary adjustments before the upcoming match.

Rajans vs Science 2013 - 01 

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4. Dharmaraja College Vs Kingswood College (2013.04.26 @ Bogambara)

We recorded a good win in a clear margin against the Kingswoodians (33 to 24). The referee’s decisions were absolutely not upto the standards, The dying stage of the match was played almost in darkness and the match was played for about 85 minutes. The Kingswoodians could not bear the defeat so they were not present at the awards ceremony. It was not what we all expect from sportsmen as well as students. Last year they refuse to play with Rajans as there was a chance of a defeat. But this season they had no other option but to play against Rajans. Finally they were clearly defeated. We believe that the officials as well as the OBU of KCK should consider this matter seriously and teach them to bear defeat as well as the victory

The greatest test of courage on earth is to bear defeat without losing heart - Robert Green Ingersoll
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5. Dharmaraja College Vs St Peters College (2013.05.03 @ Bogambara)
We won the match by beating St Peters by 24 to 17. This was a crucial game for Rajans as an unbeaten team in this tournament. We played much better than the previous matches. At half time Rajans lead by 17 to 12. Finally we won by beating St Peters 24 (3G 1P) to 17 (1G 2T)

Rajans vs Science 2013 - 01Rajans vs St Peters 2013 - 01
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6. Dharmaraja College Vs Wesley College (2013.05.10 @ CR&FC Grounds)
Rajans beat Wesley by 36 to 24 to remain unbeaten. There was a huge improvement in our skills specially the forwards played a wonderful game and they have shown a dramatical improvement. The Wesleyites played a dangerous game made a lot of high tackles.

Rajans vs Wesley 2013 - 01Rajans vs Wesley 2013 - 02

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7. Dharmaraja College Vs St Anthony's College (2013.05.19 @ Bogambara Grounds)
Dharmaraja beat Anthony's college by 48 to 26 .

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8. Dharmaraja College Vs St Joseph's College (2013.06.01 @ CR & FC Grounds)

It was a nail biting time for everyone as both teams fought equally. At half time it was 15 all and final score was 22 to 20. Dharmaraja college "Rajans" registered another win to be the table leaders.

The SLSRFA has decided to postpone the remaining league encounters which were scheduled for the 08th of June(Saturday) until further notice.
This decision was taken after a series of discussions after the Referees Society withdrew from officiating league games until adequate measures were taken to ensure security of the officials.
The SLSRFR requested the Schools Association to disallow spectators at selected games earlier this week, which was refuted by the Schools concerned. (Source :

News Flash 
Rajans secured the title today (22nd June) after Trinity College lost to Defending Champions Isipathana College in a close encounter as the final league game of the two schools in the season was worked off in the hills.

Isipathana College won by 20 points to 17 over favorite Trinitians at Pallekele Rugby Grounds. Dharmaraja College is set to meet Royal College next weekend in the final match for both the teams in the season. Dharmaraja go into the game without the must win pressure.

It will be one of the biggest achievements so far by any schools rugby team to win the Division A title as soon as promoted from Division B.

Lets gather and cheer Rajans Rugby team on 28th June 2013 for our final match of the season against Royal at Royal Sports Complex and witness Rajans winning the league title 2013


Points Table
The points table as at 23rd June 2013

9. Dharmaraja College Vs Royal College (2013.6.28 @ Royal Sports Complex
Match was a tie. 17 all. After leading 17 to 3 at the first half Rajans couldn't score during the second half but Royal came back strongly and scored 14 points in the second half. Rajans maintained their unbeaten record during the season and became 2013 Singer league CHAMPIONS !


MILO President’s Trophy Under-20 Inter-school Rugby Tournament 2013

Match 01 - 2nd July 2013 Trinity Vs D.S.Senanayake - Trinity got walk over

Match 02 - 3rd July 2013 Wesley Vs Science - Wesley won by 20 to 17

Match 03 - 4th July 2013 Dharmaraja Vs C.W.W.Kannangara - Dharmaraja won by 62 to 8

Match 04 - 5th July 2013  St Peters Vs Royal - St Peters won

Semi Final 01 - 8th July 2013 Dharmaraja Vs Wesley - Wesley won by 22 to 10

Semi Final 02 - 9th July 2013 Trinity Vs St Peters  - Trinity won by 40 to 37

Final - 14th July 2013 - Trinity Vs Wesley


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Dharmaraja Vs Kingswood Big Match 2013 (107th Battle of the Maroons)

TThe oldest Big Match of hill capital also known as the "Battle of the Maroons" between Dharmaraja College and Kingswood College was played in 2013 for the 107th time. As one of the most joyful event of all we (Rajans OBU Group of 94) celebrated in awesome style.
Rajans OBU Group of 94 on 107th Battle of the Maroons
The Batch Photo

The match was played on 22nd and 23rd of March 2013, Kingswoodians won the toss and invited to bat Dharmaraja. First two wickets fell for a very low score leaving the Rajans in trouble. Then the 50 run partnership between Chandimal and Kavindu for the 3rd wicket gave some hope the Rajans. But the Chameera of KCK balled well and Rajans were all out for 133.

Kingswoodians opened the inning with Randika and Dulanjana but they were unable to make a good start as the scores read as 64/4 at the end of day 1. Finally the Kingswoodians managed to score 121 for their first innings and Rajans scored 80 runs for the loss of 7 wickets when the match was ended on 23rd of March 2013 in a draw at Asgiriya International Cricket Stadium

Dharmaraja College 1st innings 133
(Dineth Lanka 31, Deshan Gurusinghe 27, Chandimal De Silva 27, Tharindu Liyanage 31/4, Chameera Bandara 29/4 , Champika Aluwihare 21/2)
Kingswood College first innings 64/4
(Tharindu Liyanage 39, Supun Bandara 18, Kasun Bandara 30, Prabath Jayawickrama 15, Dineth Lanka 21/4, Nuwan Karunarathna 24/2, Rajitha Lahiru 12/1)
Dharmaraja College 2nd innings 80/7
(Tharusha Weragoda 38*, Chandimal De Silva 22, Tharindu Liyanage 22/4, Supun Bandara 20/2 )
For more information please check the article appeared on Daily News on 21st of March 2013 Rajans-Kingswood clash for Tennakoon Shield
Here are few of the memories snapped through the lens

The famous singer Indrajith Silva - Chicka playing this song Senorita
Famous song Senorita by Asela Indrajith De Silva (Chika) was played by himself at our group's big match celebrations while famous actor Sanjeewa Hulangamuwa backing up the vocals. On Drums it is Sameera

The famous singer Indrajith Silva - Chicka playing this song Senorita
Famous song Senorita by Asela Indrajith De Silva (Chika)

Pls dont butter me up
Please don't butter me up ! I am sober - non smoker

Abe presenting the sticker and the emblem
Abekoon presenting the Rajans vehicle sticker and the emblem

It's party time
It's party time

Rajans batting for the 2nd Innings
Rajans batting for their second innings

Rajans batting for the 2nd Innings
R A J A N S ...

The limited Overs Encounter (23rd Encounter)
It was played on 30th March 2013 at Asgiriya Stadium 

DHARMARAJA COLLEGE  79 all out in 35.3 overs
KINGSWOOD COLLEGE  51 all out in 37.3 overs

Rajans won by 28 runs

Announcement - Big Match Celebrations 2013

Dear brothers we have designed a classic shirt for the upcoming Big Match 22 and 23 March 2013. We have also arranged day package (23rd of March 2013) for our group (Rajans 94) which includes at the ground tent, lunch, Papare and boooooze

So hurry up guys and reserve your shirt among the 40 shirts before 19th of March 2013 by informing the shirt size to following numbers

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Old Rajans Vs Present (2013) Rugby team

The friendly match between Old Rajans and the Present Rajans Rugby team.
The present team won by 55-05





Photo credit : Indika Basnayake (Rajans 94)