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How We Reunited

In August 1997 we (Rajans Group of '94) sat for the GCE (A/L) examination and our unforgettable schooldays came to an end. Some of us started their Higher Education and some sought jobs. As the time ticked, we felt how much we missed our good ol’ friends. Everyone needed a “Reunion”. There were lots of efforts and Imal Atalugama was the most successful one who pioneered the “Reunion of our Group”.

Imal Atalugama had ties with many dispersed classmate and a meeting was called at "Dharmaraja College Old Boys Union Hall" at Kandy in the year of 1999. Almost all the Group was there and it was an unforgettable time.

The very first President of the Group of '94 was Imal Buddika Atalugam (Atta). The Secretary and the Treasure were respectively B.W.R. Wickramashinghe (Capa) and A.M.P. Anjula De Silva.

In year 2000 Rajans Group of '94 embarked on the first major project. It was the Medical Camp held at Kalawaldeniya Vidyalaya in Laxapana.

The very first Batch Party/Get-together was held at Nawa Surasa - Kandy in 2003 and held annually at “Elephant Walk “ in Halloluwa, Kandy (2004) , “Nawa Surasa” – Kandy (2005), “Senani” – Kandy (2006), “Queen’s Hotel” – Kandy (2007), “Queen’s Hotel” – Kandy (2008) and at “Kandyan Art Center” – Kandy (2009).

Imal did a lot to the Group as the president till 2006 and Sanjeewa Hulangamuwa (Hulang) was elected as the President. The Secretaries were Sampath Kumarasinghe (Kuma) and J.C.Bandara (JZe). The Treasurers were Saman Bandara and Anil Mudannayake. Indu Abesinghe, Suresh Gunawardana and W.T. Gamage (Gamaya) were elected as the Committee members. They continued till 2008 and did a lot to the upliftment of the Group of 94.

In 2009 S.P. Diaz took over from Sanjeewa Hulangamuwa as the President and the Secretary and Treasurer were Respectively W.T. Gamage and Wipula Hettiarachi. Unfortunately Diaz and Wipula resigned just after the Batch Party/Get-together in 2009

Presently some of us have left the county and a few who lives in Kandy and vicinity can participate for the activities but everyone contributes in many ways. Our effort is to reunite every dispersed classmate under the majestic flag of Rajans …

R... A… J… A… N… S… Rajans !