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Inter Schools U20 Rugby Sevens 2013

Rajans on Day 1 
All island inter-schools under 20 seven-a-side rugby tournament 2013 organised by the Sri Lanka Schools Rugby Football Association is scheduled to be held on 16th and 17th of February 2013 at Royal sports complex. The pool is as follows
The pool 
On day 1 defending champions, Dharmaraja college played against Ananda College and won the match by 24 to nil. The second match was with Wesley College. This was a tough match for Rajans as two players were sent off to the bench and Rajans played with only 5 players and still managed to beat Wesley by 21 to 17.
Some of the action captured through lens by The Papare photographer.

Rajans on Day 1 

Rajans on Day 1 

On 17th of February we play against Royal college in the Quarter Final match. And won it by 20 points to 5. Also in this match we had to play with 6 players as one was penalised. It was a tough game to play and with 6 players it was even tougher. Now it's the semi finals. It will be played around 15:30 hrs local time.

Semi Final : It was a close battle against the St Peters and could not over come their strength. Rajans lost it by 12 to 14. At half time it was 5 all. 

Finally we came a long way and almost reached the title. This year we are not lucky enough to  be the winners as we did in 2012, but our boys played so well. 

Final : St Peters clinched the title


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Annual Get-together 2013

The annual get-together (2013) of Rajans OBU Group of 94 was held on 3rd February 2013 at Hotel Oak Ray Regency - Gatambe.

Batch Photo