29th Limited Over Ecnounter KCK Vs DRC on 24th March 2019

Rajans Walk 2011

The day Kandy city was flooded by maroon river.

Maroon Flood

It was the 29th day of year 2011. A very important event for all Rajans was scheduled on this day. At around 9 O’ clock the Rajans Walk 2011 embarked on. It was a river of maroon which overflowed the Kandy city and an unforgettable day for every Rajan.

The Group of 94 also participated in this event.

Group of 94

The brotherhood and the friendliness of our brothers and sisters of Kingswood College, Girls' High School, St Sylvesters College, Mahamaya Girls Collage and all other schools was clearly evident this day as they did their best to treat us with snacks and water. We all are thankful for them for their courtesy and for the encouragement.

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Annual Cricket Match 2010

The annual cricket match (2010) of Rajans OBU Group of 94 was held on 18th of December 2010 at the Gurudeniya public ground. Some of the moments seen through the lens are below

Donation of an LCD Television to Alma Mater

There was a need of an LCD television to the primary section of the Dharmaraja College. This was revealed during a discussion between the Management of Dharmaraja College and the committee members of our group (i.e. Rajans Group of 94). Immediate action was taken to fulfill the need as members of the Rajans Group of 94 contributed towards this request.

It is not a huge project but it is a very useful one to the Dharmaraja College as the students of the primary section will benefit from it. Rajans Group of 94 expresses their heartfelt thankfulness to all the members and outsiders who contributed to this successful event.

Handingover the TV 01
Handing over the TV to the principle of Dharmaraja college Mr. Kerthiratne by Sanjeewa Hulangamuwa and Kosala Jayasinge of Group of 94

Handingover the TV 02

The Group members who participated for the occasion