29th Limited Over Ecnounter KCK Vs DRC on 24th March 2019

Resurrection of Year 10-11 Building - Prject 2014

We (Rajans 94) have been held number of medical camps annually throughout the island for years. This year we have decided to do something directly beneficial to our Alma Mater as present principal Mr Keerthiratne asked us to renovate the floor of Year 10-11 three story building. At first instant it looked like pretty simple and economical but as we did an on site observation we realized that just renovating the floor is not adequate as the whole building was in terrible condition. Though the original idea was to renovate the floor we decided to colour wash the interior of the building in addition. The estimate was around Rs 600,000.00(which was raised to 1 million rupees later)
The request letter of the principal

Fund Raising
A fund raising campaign was started and we decided to keep it within our group (Rajans 94) As we achieved the first milestone in fund raising we commenced the construction work on 5th of September 2014. The first step was to chip off the top cement layer and re plaster it and make it a super cut shiny floor glittering with Titanium powder. When the floor was chipped off we could see the walls are severely damaged and there was no option than to re-plaster it.
The severely damaged floor and walls of the building

Extended Plan
As the renovation works commenced, the committee members discussed about the awful condition of the building and decided to make a complete renovation including the floor, walls, furniture, interior and exterior colour washing etc. This was a huge challenge as the final estimate was reached One million Rupees. Fortunately we received lot of financial contribution from our members living in the island as well as abroad. We also received contributions from other Rajans who were always with us as well as the Alma Mater
Not just the floor but the walls, interior and exterior of the building was renovated

Red letter day
The third day of the month of October we officially handed over the rehabilitated building of Year 10 and 11. There was a charm and simple function to celebrate this event at the collage which was attended and headed by the present principal along with staff, members of Rajans 94 and the students. Now the next generation can enjoy the comfort and bliss of what we have done for them and it will last for another few years which they will remember all of us …
 Letter of thanks by the Principal

Waruna Abeyratne of Rajans 94 Addressing the assembly 

Principal at renovated class room

 It wasn't changed a lot since our days ...
Our (Rajans 94) members with principal  

The renovated building 

 Nalin Abeykoon officially handing over the renovated building
Then and now ...

Renovation of Year 10/11 Building

The principal of Dharmaraja College Mr S.M. Keerthiratne has requested our group (Rajans OBU Group of 94) to renovate the 3 story building which is used for Year 10 and 11 classes of Dharmaraja College.
This building was not renovated for many years and it is in dilapidated condition.

Photo credit : Nalin Dammika Abeykoon

It is expected to cost approximately Rs 600000.00. You are kindly requested to make your generous donations towards this project behalf of our Alma Mater 

DRCK BOU 94 Group
Seylan Bank - Gampola Branch A/C No 025033536300001

For more information please contact
0718103700, 0774926566, 0777646166

It began ...

After almost 21 years the cement floor of the Year 10/11 building at Dharmaraja College got the caring attention, as our group (Rajans 94) commenced the renovation work on Friday 5th of September 2014. Hundreds of thousands of students walked on this floor for almost 21 years before it slowly got crumbled. Repairing a floor is not a very hard work but if that floor is of a classroom of a popular school it won't be an easy task. That's why we planned to commence it during a long weekend. We were able to evacuate this building and relocate the furniture. Then completed the cleaning of the floor. As we look at the empty floor we realize that the damage is far beyond our estimation. The walls are also damage severely. We could see through some of the holes. These are the photographs of the empty floor and the walls of the building.

Photo credit : Sagara Ranga Liyanage
As the floor of the building was chipped off we all realized that the plaster of the walls are also in very poor condition so there were some extra work. So the wall plaster was also removed upto about three feet. Now we will re-plaster the walls also.

This is what happened on 5th day ...  
Photo credit : Waruna Abeyratne

It's almost complete. This is how it looked just before the completion.

Photo credit : Anjula De Silva and Indika Basnayake

Finally it was done! This is how it looked after the caring touch ..

Photo credit : Sagara Ranga Liyanage

The comparison ...
Then and now ...
Then and now...

Photo credit : Sagara Ranga Liyanage
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Dharmaraja Vs Kingswood Big match 2014 (108th Battle of the Maroons)

The 108th Battle of the Maroons was astonishingly won by Rajans due to their magical performance at Asgiriya International Cricket Ground - Kandy on 22nd of March 2014.

At the end of Day 1
Kingswood College: 203 (Mihidum Weerasinghe 44, Ruwantha Hathurusinghe 43, Supun Bandara 30, Deneth Lanka 5 for 51, Sapumal Tennakonn 2 for 15)
Dharmaraja College: 121 for 3 (Chandimal De Silva 41 n. o, Jayapathma Tennekoon 30, Kavinda Ratnayake 25 n. o.)

On Day 2 Rajans scored 229 (All out) in 65.5 Overs (Chandimal de Silva 55, Kavinda Ratnayake 38, Denith Lanka 29, Tharusha Weragoda 23; Tharindu Liyanage 5 dir 45, Daminda Weerakoion 3 for 54)

For the second innings Kingswoodians just managed to scored  79 (All out)  in 47.1 overs (Shanuka Ratnayake 20, Tharindu Liyanage 23; Venuka Galhitiyawa 7 for 18, Sapumal Tennekoon 2 for 12)

 Then Rajans scored 54/1 in 8 overs (Rameesh Ranasinghe 31 n.o, Jayapadma Tennekoon 14 n.o; Tharindu Liyanage 1 for 22)

It was fantastic performance by Venuka Galhitiyawa of Dharmaraja College which earned him the man of the match.

Flash Flash Flash

Rajans won the Winston Whoole memorial trophy for the 3rd consecutive year, defeating Kingswood college by 4wkts on 30th of March 2014 (Limited overs cricket encounter)

          Kingswood college -143
          Dharmaraja college -145/6


Rajans Vs Kingswood Battle of the maroons 2014

Rajans Vs Kingswood Battle of the maroons 2014

Rajans Vs Kingswood Battle of the maroons 2014

Rajans Vs Kingswood Battle of the maroons 2014

Photo Credit : Indika Bandara Basnayake (Rajans Group of 94) - 2014

Annual Get Together - 2014

The Annual Get Together of Dharmaraja OBU Group of 94 was held at Rivers Edge of Oak-Ray Regency on 15th of February 2014. The chief guests were Retired Deputy Principal Lt. Col. S.K.B. Weerakoon and Major Anil Perera. Both of them were behind the Group of 94 guiding for excel.

Get together 2014 Group Photo Rajans Group of 94

The Retired Deputy Principal Lt. Col. S.K.B. Weerakoon was honoured by the Group of 94 and presented a special plaque for his guidance as well as for the service.

Get together 2014 Group Photo Rajans Group of 94

Retired Deputy Principal Lt. Col. S.K.B. Weerakoon

The plaque

Most of the members participated with the families making it a very successful event.