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Medical Campaign - 2010 - Ilukwewa

The 5th Annual Medical Campaign of the Rajans OBU Group of 94 was held at Ilukwewa Primary School in Sigiriya on 10th of July 2010. The location was selected from number of proposed schools that requested a helping hand. Among those locations two of the extremes were selected and the committee of our group along with Mr Weerakoon (Vice Principal of DRCK) visited them in order to make the final decision. Ilukwewa Primary School was selected by considering various facts. It is the most rural school in Higurakgoda educational zone and it is beyond the reach of physician thus a medical aid is unavailable even for an emergency. The other major fact was that it is situated within the danger zone of wild elephant yet a picturesque village.

This is how the Sinhala Newspaper Divaina reported it on 31st August 2010 about this charity service. (The picture courtesy of Indikae Basnayake and Anjula De Silva of Group of 94)

Health Camp - Divaina
Getting ready for the big day !

The vision of the Medical Campaign and Charity Service of Rajans 94 Group is “Helping Others to Live a Healthy Life” This project was organized by the Dharmaraja College OBU Group of 94 and following members participated for the event representing the Group of 94.
1. W.T. Gamage ( President – Group of 94)
2. Nalin Abekoon (Secretary – Group of 94)
3. Anjula De Silva ( Treasurer – Group of 94)
4. Sanjeewa Hulangamuwa
5. Suresh Gunawardana
6. Kosala Jayasinghe
7. Duminda Iriyagama
8. Janake Bandara
9. Wishwanath Arambegedara
10. Asela Indrajith De Silva
11. Asanka Weerasekara
12. Dinesh Withanage

Dharamaraja College Staff
1. Ven. Doragamuwe Saddathissa thero
2. Mr S.K.B. Weerakoon (Vice Principal – DRCK)
3. Mr. R.M.N. Rathanayake
4. Mr. Sunil De Silva
5. Mr. B.W.H. Senaratne
6. Prefects of Dharmaraja College

Medical Officers
1. Dr. R.M.K.G.A.B. Rajanayake ( Group of 94)
2. Dr. Asela Udagedara ( Group of 94)
3. Dr. R.B.Adhikari
4. Dr. Sashikumar
5. Dr. Jayarajan

5th Annual Medical Health Campaign

Donating a Seesaw for the students of Ilukwewa Primary School

Enjoy the life after the completion of the Project

The Rajans Group of 94 expresses it’s thankfulness to the following wonderful persons for helping this project to become a reality.
  • Present principal of Dharmaraja college Mr S.M.Keerthiratne and Vice Principal Mr S.K.B. Weerakoon - for their courtesy and guidance.
  • Principal of Illukwewa Primary School Ven. Uduwela Sumanaranthi thero and the villagers.
  • Staff, Students and parents of Dharmaraja College – Kandy.
  • Unilever Lanka Ltd - for providing Signal toothpaste and tooth brushes and for the gift packs (for medical officers)
  • Gamma, Glaxo, Lanka Medicals, J.L. Morrison’s and all the medical representatives - for providing the drugs and medical equipments
  • Medical officers who participated for this medical camp – for their contribution
  • Prefects and Suwa Sewa unit of Dharmaraja College
  • Members of Dharmaraja college OBU Group of 94
  • For all the wonderful people who were contributed for this project