29th Limited Over Ecnounter KCK Vs DRC on 24th March 2019

Annual Cricket Match 2011

17th of December 2011, a perfect day to play cricket .. so did we ...
We played the annual cricket match (2011) at Gurudeniya UC grounds and had a lot of fun .. !

These are the moments captured through the lens

Cute umpire
For this match we had mmmmm .... let me have a word .. cutest umpire in the world ..

An aerial view
An aerial view . . .

Abe in full cry
Abe . . . back in business

JZ got the blade
JZ is busy with batting . . . Thank god I have my shades to protect me

Buzz in full throttle ..
Buzzzzz . . . in full cry

See where the ball is ..
Hey . . . Do you see what I see . . . Just see where the ball is

us .. the Rajans 94
Eager to bat . . . or for Ethanol ? Never mind

Finally the dragon was slayed ..
Finally . . . The dragon was slayed . . . Buzz was stumped and gone (for the Ethanol )

Announcements - Annual Cricket Match 2011

Dear all

The annual cricket match of our group is planned to be on 17th of December 2011

Location : Haragama Urban Council Grounds

Pls be there at 8:30 am

We are going to held the special AGM at the location to elect the committee members for 2012.

Entrance Rs 1250.00 for single and Rs 2000.00 per couple

Kindly make advance payment to our groups Account : 8890010800 of Commercial Bank - Nawalapitiya branch

Pls contact
JC- 0772612367
Hulan 0777 646166
Suresh - 0773 598748

Announcement - Annual Batch Trip 2011

Dear all

The annual batch trip of our group is planned to be on 29th and 30th of October 2011

Location : Colonial bungalow Dayagama

Pls make your donation of Rs 3500.00 to our account
Commercial bank 8890010800

Contact Hulan 0777 646166 or Suresh 0773 598748

Annual Medical Campaign - 2011

The 2011 Annual Medical Campaign of Rajans OBU Group of 94 was held in Mailagaswewa Vidyalaya in Galenbindunuwewa on 15th of July 2011.

The Paper Article
This is how the "Dinamina" reported it on 27th of July 2011

Getting ready for the big day
Getting ready for the big day

Vice Principal Cptn. S.K.B.Weerakoon addressing the  crowd
Vice Principal of Dharmaraja College Cptn. S.K.B. Weerakoon addressing the crowd

The Memory Remains
The Memory Remains

The Team
The Team

Opening the electricity connection
J.C. Bandara of Rajans 94 opening the electricity connection

Vice Principal of Dharmaraja College
Vice Principal of Dharmaraja College Cptn. S.K.B. Weerakoon lighting the traditional oil lamp

The happiest day in Mailagaswewa
The students of Mailagaswewa Vidyalaya will remember this day for ever

The happiest day in Mailagaswewa bigins

Dr Asela Udagedara (Nawalapitiya Dist Hospital) of Rajans 94 Group treating a needy
Dr. Asela Udagedara (Nawalapitiya dist hospital) of Rajans 94 carefully diagnoses a patient

Milo Under-18 Division I 10-a-side rugby championship

Rajans beat St Josephs' to become plate champions in the Milo Under-18 Division I 10-a-side rugby championship 20Milo Under-18 Division I 10-a-side rugby championship played at Longdon place. The most interesting fact is that Rajans rugby team remained unbeaten throughout the entire tournament. Our boys unfortunately missed the opportunity to fight for the cup when the preliminary round match with Science college ended in a tie and they had score more points than us in early matches.

Last year we clinched the cup beating St Peters in the final.


Quarter Finals:

Cup: Science beat Vidyartha 17-5, Royal beat Isipathana 6-5, Trinity beat Lalith Athulathmudali 15-0, St. Peter’s beat Kingswood 12-7

Plate: Dharmaraja beat St. Anthony’s 21-7, CWW Kannangara beat Prince of Wales 10-5, Mahanama beat Lumbini 10-7, St. Joseph’s beat DSS 12-5

Bowl: St. Sylvester’s beat Zahira, Ananda, Royal Panadura and Thurstan received walk overs.

Semi Finals:

Cup: Royal beat Science 10-5, St. Peter’s beat Trinity 15-12

Plate: Dharmaraja beat CWW Kannangara 22-0, St. Joseph’s beat Mahanama 24-0

Bowl: Ananda beat St. Sylvester’s 12-7, Thurstan beat Royal Panadura 12-0


Bowl: Ananda beat Thurstan 22-0

Plate: Dharmaraja beat St. Joseph’s 19-10

Cup: St. Peter’s beat Royal 21-3

Australasian Representative of Dharmaraja OBU Group of 94

Australasian Representative of Dharmaraja OBU Group of 94

Aravinda Pitigala - Australasian Representative of Rajans 94

Mr. Aravinda Pitigala of Dharmaraja OBU Group of 94 has appointed as the Official Australasian Representative of Dharmaraja OBU Group of 94 (Rajans 94).
He works at Kuehne + Nagel, Inc.
Adelaide, SA

Contact him via
+61 43393 1978

From the Touchlines - Rajans Rugby 2011 (Update

Rajans Group of 94 will publish updates of the 2011 rugby season on this blog for the second consecutive year. As we did last year only the updates related to Dharmaraja College will appear here. As you know large number of matches to be played in this season it is impossible to give all the details of them and also this blog is dedicated to the activities of OBU Group of 94. Our expectation is to provide instant updates of the matches and keep all the Rajans updated. Indika Basnayake of Rajans OBU Group of 94 is providing all the updates on time. Thanks!

1. Rajans Vs Isipathana
Isipathana won by 37 to 15
This was the curtain raiser of the 2011 season for Rajans as well as Pathana. It was played at Havelock place on 31st March 2011. Rajans were beaten by 37 to 15. We played pretty well but not enough to over-run Pathana defence.

Rajans Vs Isipathana 2011 Rugby Photo 01Rajans Vs Isipathana 2011 Rugby Photo 02

Rajans Vs Isipathana 2011 Rugby Photo 03

2. Dharmaraja Vs Kingswood
KCK won by 19 to 3
The second match for Rajans and it was against the arch-rivals. Match was played on 9th April 2011 at Bogambara. The poor ball handling of Rajans gave Kingswoodians an easy opportunity to beat Rajans. At the dying stage of the game both teams played with 14 players each.

Rajans Vs KCK 2011 Rugby Photo 01Rajans Vs KCK 2011 Rugby Photo 02

Rajans Vs KCK 2011 Rugby Photo 03

3. Dharmaraja Vs St. Peters
St. Peters won by 54 to 5.
The third match for the Rajans in this season. Previously it was scheduled to be played on 30th of April but the date was changed to 29th April. It was a very disappointing performance by the Rajans Rugby team. Peterites played with 14 players as one was sent out. But we were not upto them.

4. Dharmaraja Vs St.Anthonys
St Anthonys won by 29 to 3
The fourth match of the Rajans bought extremely disappointing results. Both teams failed to put up a good show as ball handling, place kicking and basics of Rugby were horrible. The second half was dominated by SACK and Rajans failed to score during the second leg.
We have come to a crucial stage in 2011 Rugby season and still struggling to register a win. It's time to analyse our tactics and have to do something to rectify the mistakes we've done or we are going to end up in division B at the end of the season.

5. Dharmaraja Vs St.Thomas
St.Thomas won by 35-24
After a series of defeats, Thomians were able to register a win by beating Rajans in this match. It was a heart breaker for the us as our struggle to stay in Div A was made almost impossible by the result of this crucial match. We were favorites to win this match as Thora had a disappointing season.
At the beginning of the 2011 Rugby season we had a lot of hopes on our side. We had everything in our favor ... a veteran coach, the venues ( almost all the matches to be held in Kandy) and many teams struggling to keep up their winning habit ( KCK, STC etc ..) but we were unable to capitalise the BEST opportunity we had in a very long time and we well never going to have such a load of opportunities in our favor. Now we are facing a mammoth task to stay in Div A and it seems we need a mirracle to achive it. Let's see what will happen in the future matches ..

Rajans Vs STC 2011 Rugby Photo 01Rajans Vs STC 2011 Rugby Photo 01

Rajans Vs KCK 2011 Rugby Photo 03

6. Dharmaraja Vs Royal
Royal won by 50 to 05. This was tragedy. Though the RC was favorites never expected to lose it by a huge margin.

7. Dharmaraja Vs Thurstan
We registered our first win of this season by defeating Thurstan College in Sugathadasa Stadium on 27th of May. It is a great relief for everyone that supports Rajans Rugby. Now it's time to continue our winning habit. Good luck RAJANS

Rajans Vs Thurstan 2011 Rugby Photo 01Rajans Vs Thurstan 2011 Rugby Photo 02
Rajans Vs Thurstan 2011 Rugby Photo 03

8. Dharmaraja Vs Science College
Rajans won by 22 to 19
Rajans did well to defeat Science college which made many upsets during this season beating many tough teams like Trinity and Kingswood. We have got to the winning groove and it's great to see boys are fighting again with a lot of spirit. This battle was fought for almost 100 minutes and it proved that we are very much physically fit.

9. Dharmaraja Vs St Joseph's College
St Joseph won by 19 to 17.
Rajans lost this crucial game.


This article will be continuously updated during the rugby season. Last update 05th of June 2011 @12:20 Hrs SL Standard Time

(Instant updates courtesy of Indika Basnayake of Rajans Group of 94)

Dharmaraja Vs Kingswood Big Match 2011 (105th Battle of the Maroons)

Rajans Group of 94 celebrated the Big Match 2011 in grand style as Rajans defeated Kingswoodians to claim the trophy putting an end to the 30 years of draws starting from 1980.
KCK batted first and scored 117. Then Rajans scored 169 for the loss of 6 wickets at the end of Day1 and declared. Our bowlers restricted the KCK for 127 for their 2nd Innings and Rajans scored the victories 76 runs by losing just 3 batsmen and claimed the trophy

It was the very first school cricket encounter to be played at Pallekele International stadium.

Rajans Group of 94 joined the crowd to cheer Rajans Cricket team

Rajans Group of 94 at Bigmatch 2011
The batch mates of Rajans Group of 94 @ Pallekele International Stadium

Organizing committee of the Rajans Group of 94 led by Sanjeewa Hulangamuwa put up an excellent plan which made the Group of 94 the most outstanding of all. Most of the colleagues including the KCK praised the organizing of our Group.

Rajans Group of 94 marching towards Pallekele
The double decker of Rajans Group of 94 was escorted by the rolling thunder led by Tharanga Gamage's Honda

The Double Decker

The double decker - a whole new feature in Big Match
The Double Decker - a whole new feature in Big Match

A whole new concept was introduced to the big match by using a double decker to roam in the Kandy city and to get the Group of 94 to the Pallekele grounds. It was filled with Papare music which rocked even the pedestrians in Kandy city. Bus was escorted by our own super Bike gang which was led by Tharanga Gamage’s thundering Honda. In future this will become a mandatory feature in Big Matches in other schools.

The papare
The Papare music added an extra punch to the celebrations

Just two more to win
The crowd waiting anxiously as two more runs are needed to make history. Dharmaraja college was on the edge of ending the 30 years of consecutive draws . . . and we did it

The historical moment
The moment of glory .. Dharmaraja college defeated Kingswood college in the 105th Battle of the Maroons on 26th of March 2011

The Score Board

Kingswood 117 in 38.5 overs (N. Weerakoon 50, L. Madushan 30, Y. Atukorale 22; N. Karunaratne 3 for 34, D. Lanka 3 for 38, M. Ratnayake 1 for 14) and 127 in 60 overs (Y. Atukorale 23, L. Madushan 31, M. Premawardena 20, N. Unamboowe 17, N. Karunaratne 3 for 36, L. Herath 2 for 6)

Dharmaraja 169 for 6 in 38 overs (S.Gunasekera 53, N. Weerakkodi 43, H. Munaweera 26, N. Karunaratne 24; Y. Athukorale 2 for 21, C.Gunasekera 2 for 29, L. Hettiarachchi 2 for 32) and 76 for 3 in 19 overs (K. Wijekoon 12, S. Weerakkodi 24, H. Munaweera 12 n.o; Y. Atukorale 1 for 11, C. Gunasekera 1 for 17, L. Madushan 1 for 11)
Limited Overs Cricket Encounter between Dharmaraja and Kingswood

The limited overs cricket encounter between the Rajans and Kingswoodians was held on 3rd of April 2011 at Pallekele International Cricket Stadium. Every one expected an easy win by Rajans as they had already beaten the KCK team in the big match just a week ago. But Cricket is an unpredictable game .. Kingswoodinas beat Rajans in this match by two wickets.

Rajans batted first and were dismissed for 168. KCK spent only 8 wickets to surpass this score and won the match by 2 wickets.

We convey our heartiest congratulations to our brothers for winning is game . . . Congratulatioins Kingswoodinas !

(Updated @ 1945hrs Local time on 03rd of April 2011)

Big Match Celebrations (2011) – Rajans Group of 94

Rajans Big Match 2011
Are you ready for the very first big match to be played at Pallekele International Cricket stadium ?

The 105th Battle of the Maroons between Dharmaraja college and Kingswood college is scheduled to be played at Pallekele International Cricket Stadium on 25th and 26th of March 2011. We (Rajans Group of 94) have organized several activities on 26th of March to celebrate and cheer-up our team as we did earlier on .

A limited number of special T-Shirts will be available for the Rajans Group of 94 members. Please reserve your one before it's too late.

Please deposit Rs 1000.00 to the account of Rajans 94 Group
A/C No 8890010800
Bank : Commercial Bank - Nawalapitiya Branch

Please contact
JC : 0772 612367
Hulan : 0777 646144

About Rajans Cricket team 2011 . . .

Dharmaraja Rajans 1st XI team 2011
Dharmaraja College cricket team 2011: (seated from left) Sasanka Nakkawita, Lahiru Herath, Kavinda Wijekoon (vice captain), Ananda Wijesekera (Coach), Sarath Matharaarachchi (Prefect of Games), S M Keerthiratne (Principal), Sarath Ekanayake (Master in Charge), Hemal Munaweera (captain), Sasith Gunasekera, Sadun Weerakoddy, Standing: Venuka Galahitiyawa, Dilan Abeysinghe, Deneth Lanka, Nuwan Karunaratne, Asela Jayatillake, Nilupal Rajapakse, Kaveendra Jayasinghe, Shasheen Abeykoon, Viraj Karaputugala, Arvinda Withanarachchi, Mayura Ratnayake, Gehan Samarakoon, Lasitha Weeraratne, Lochana Wijesiri.

Our team has played this season 14 matches 1 winning, lost 1 and drawn the rest. But they have led their opponents on the first innings in 11 matches.

For runs we could depend on skipper Hemal Munaweera, Kavinda Wijekoon, Viraj Karaputugala (350 runs), Sadun Werakoddy (600 runs), Sasanka Nakkawita (400 runs), Sasith Gunasekera (750 runs), Lahiru Herath (400 runs), Nuwan Karunaratne (250 runs), Deneth Lanka (250 runs) and Lasitha Weeraratne (250 runs).

Opening the Rajans attack will be skipper Hemal Munaweera and Nuwan Karunaratne (20 wickets) Lahiru Herath (25 wickets). They will be supported by the spin of left arm spinner Aravinda Withanarachchi (50 wkts) and off spinner Deneth Lanka (46 wkts) and off spinner Sasanka Nakkawita (20 wkts).

The team is coached by former Dharmaraja College cricketer Mr. Ananda Wijesekera with Mr. Sarath Ekanayake as the Master In Charge.

All Island Schools Rugby 7s

All Island Schools Rugby 7s Updates

All Island Schools Rugby 7s organised by the SLSRFA is to be played at Royal college Sports Complex on 5th and 6th of March 2011.

Updates of the matches related to Dharmaraja College will be published here courtesy of Indika Basnayake (Rajans Group of 94)

First round - Group G

DRC Vs DS Senanayake College - Rajans won by 17 (1G/2T) - 0

DRC Vs STC - Rajans won by 29 (2G/3T) - 0

Quarter Finals

DRC Vs TCK - Lost to TCK by 0 - 7 (1G)

Annual Get-together 2011

The 9th annual Get-together of Rajans OBU Group of 94 was held on 16th of February 2011 at Hotel Panorama - Kandy.

john cena

Rajans Walk 2011

The day Kandy city was flooded by maroon river.

Maroon Flood

It was the 29th day of year 2011. A very important event for all Rajans was scheduled on this day. At around 9 O’ clock the Rajans Walk 2011 embarked on. It was a river of maroon which overflowed the Kandy city and an unforgettable day for every Rajan.

The Group of 94 also participated in this event.

Group of 94

The brotherhood and the friendliness of our brothers and sisters of Kingswood College, Girls' High School, St Sylvesters College, Mahamaya Girls Collage and all other schools was clearly evident this day as they did their best to treat us with snacks and water. We all are thankful for them for their courtesy and for the encouragement.

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Annual Cricket Match 2010

The annual cricket match (2010) of Rajans OBU Group of 94 was held on 18th of December 2010 at the Gurudeniya public ground. Some of the moments seen through the lens are below

Donation of an LCD Television to Alma Mater

There was a need of an LCD television to the primary section of the Dharmaraja College. This was revealed during a discussion between the Management of Dharmaraja College and the committee members of our group (i.e. Rajans Group of 94). Immediate action was taken to fulfill the need as members of the Rajans Group of 94 contributed towards this request.

It is not a huge project but it is a very useful one to the Dharmaraja College as the students of the primary section will benefit from it. Rajans Group of 94 expresses their heartfelt thankfulness to all the members and outsiders who contributed to this successful event.

Handingover the TV 01
Handing over the TV to the principle of Dharmaraja college Mr. Kerthiratne by Sanjeewa Hulangamuwa and Kosala Jayasinge of Group of 94

Handingover the TV 02

The Group members who participated for the occasion