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1st Anniversary of Rajans 94 Official Blog

1st Anniversary

The official blog of Dharmaraja College, Kandy – Old Boys Group of 94 which is hosted on the URL was created on 1st of October 2009. The need for very own web site was strongly discussed during the Group’s Annual Trip (2009). Due to practical issues it was not an easy task to setup a web site and keep it updated and running smoothly. Therefore we all decided to create a blog. The idea was soon implemented. With the contribution of many colleagues it became a reality. During the past year there were 2421 visits to this blog from all around the world which is about 7 visits per day. On 4th May 2010 it recorded the highest number of visits which is 64.

Visitor Map
The Map of Visitor Locations - Courtesy of

This blog is dedicated to the activities of the Group of 94 and it also publishes important news related to the Dharmaraja College. We are very much thankful for all those wonderful people who visited this blog and would like to invite all the members to visit this blog and keep our friendship in bloom.

Thank you folks .. Let's keep the spirit of the Rajans high !

The Very First Medical Campaign of Rajans Group of 94

The very first medical campaign of Rajans Group of 94 was held in 14th of August 2004 at Kalaweldeniya for a school in the vicinity of Laxapana Power Station which is about 120 km away from Kandy town. The name of the school is CP/H/Kalaweldeniya Vidyalaya

This is who "The Island" reported it

Health Camp - Divaina

This is how "Daily News" reported it
Health Camp - Divaina

Scanned by Indika Basnayake - Group of 94