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From the Touchlines - Rajans Rugby 2011 (Update

Rajans Group of 94 will publish updates of the 2011 rugby season on this blog for the second consecutive year. As we did last year only the updates related to Dharmaraja College will appear here. As you know large number of matches to be played in this season it is impossible to give all the details of them and also this blog is dedicated to the activities of OBU Group of 94. Our expectation is to provide instant updates of the matches and keep all the Rajans updated. Indika Basnayake of Rajans OBU Group of 94 is providing all the updates on time. Thanks!

1. Rajans Vs Isipathana
Isipathana won by 37 to 15
This was the curtain raiser of the 2011 season for Rajans as well as Pathana. It was played at Havelock place on 31st March 2011. Rajans were beaten by 37 to 15. We played pretty well but not enough to over-run Pathana defence.

Rajans Vs Isipathana 2011 Rugby Photo 01Rajans Vs Isipathana 2011 Rugby Photo 02

Rajans Vs Isipathana 2011 Rugby Photo 03

2. Dharmaraja Vs Kingswood
KCK won by 19 to 3
The second match for Rajans and it was against the arch-rivals. Match was played on 9th April 2011 at Bogambara. The poor ball handling of Rajans gave Kingswoodians an easy opportunity to beat Rajans. At the dying stage of the game both teams played with 14 players each.

Rajans Vs KCK 2011 Rugby Photo 01Rajans Vs KCK 2011 Rugby Photo 02

Rajans Vs KCK 2011 Rugby Photo 03

3. Dharmaraja Vs St. Peters
St. Peters won by 54 to 5.
The third match for the Rajans in this season. Previously it was scheduled to be played on 30th of April but the date was changed to 29th April. It was a very disappointing performance by the Rajans Rugby team. Peterites played with 14 players as one was sent out. But we were not upto them.

4. Dharmaraja Vs St.Anthonys
St Anthonys won by 29 to 3
The fourth match of the Rajans bought extremely disappointing results. Both teams failed to put up a good show as ball handling, place kicking and basics of Rugby were horrible. The second half was dominated by SACK and Rajans failed to score during the second leg.
We have come to a crucial stage in 2011 Rugby season and still struggling to register a win. It's time to analyse our tactics and have to do something to rectify the mistakes we've done or we are going to end up in division B at the end of the season.

5. Dharmaraja Vs St.Thomas
St.Thomas won by 35-24
After a series of defeats, Thomians were able to register a win by beating Rajans in this match. It was a heart breaker for the us as our struggle to stay in Div A was made almost impossible by the result of this crucial match. We were favorites to win this match as Thora had a disappointing season.
At the beginning of the 2011 Rugby season we had a lot of hopes on our side. We had everything in our favor ... a veteran coach, the venues ( almost all the matches to be held in Kandy) and many teams struggling to keep up their winning habit ( KCK, STC etc ..) but we were unable to capitalise the BEST opportunity we had in a very long time and we well never going to have such a load of opportunities in our favor. Now we are facing a mammoth task to stay in Div A and it seems we need a mirracle to achive it. Let's see what will happen in the future matches ..

Rajans Vs STC 2011 Rugby Photo 01Rajans Vs STC 2011 Rugby Photo 01

Rajans Vs KCK 2011 Rugby Photo 03

6. Dharmaraja Vs Royal
Royal won by 50 to 05. This was tragedy. Though the RC was favorites never expected to lose it by a huge margin.

7. Dharmaraja Vs Thurstan
We registered our first win of this season by defeating Thurstan College in Sugathadasa Stadium on 27th of May. It is a great relief for everyone that supports Rajans Rugby. Now it's time to continue our winning habit. Good luck RAJANS

Rajans Vs Thurstan 2011 Rugby Photo 01Rajans Vs Thurstan 2011 Rugby Photo 02
Rajans Vs Thurstan 2011 Rugby Photo 03

8. Dharmaraja Vs Science College
Rajans won by 22 to 19
Rajans did well to defeat Science college which made many upsets during this season beating many tough teams like Trinity and Kingswood. We have got to the winning groove and it's great to see boys are fighting again with a lot of spirit. This battle was fought for almost 100 minutes and it proved that we are very much physically fit.

9. Dharmaraja Vs St Joseph's College
St Joseph won by 19 to 17.
Rajans lost this crucial game.


This article will be continuously updated during the rugby season. Last update 05th of June 2011 @12:20 Hrs SL Standard Time

(Instant updates courtesy of Indika Basnayake of Rajans Group of 94)