29th Limited Over Ecnounter KCK Vs DRC on 24th March 2019

Big Match 2010 (104th Battle of the Maroons)

Rajans Group of 94 celebrated the Big Match 2010 in grand style as Rajans almost won the 104th battle of the maroons.

The organizing committee had a huge plan for this event and it was succeeded as expected. The participation of the Group members was praiseworthy.


The All New T-Shirt

The all new T-Shirt design was praised by the Group members, Old boys of other groups, present students and even the outsiders. It was very attractive and looked never before. Since the demand was fairly high some of the late- comers could not have one.

Wishva and T Shirt
Wishwa proudly wearing the all new T-Shirt

New T-Shirt

The Vehicle Parade

As it was scheduled the group members gathered to the Boowelikada Junction early in the morning with their vehicles geared up with Rajans flags, Stickers and with catchwords. The vehicle line-up was so lengthy which made a huge traffic jam in the town. The parade was lead by four of the two wheeled monster bikes ridden by our own stuntmen. Then came the four wheeled screamers .. ranging from thunderous Subaru STi to lightning fast Hondas. It was a very eye-catching moment when we parade the Kandy city for about two hours.

At The Grounds

The vehicle parade reached the ground then we cheered up the team and had some fun. Some of our teachers joined us and resurrected the memories.

famous Jayakodi sir
Mr Jayakodi (the very famous Jayakodi sir) having a chat with our members

Finally we all dispersed with the hope of gathering soon!

Special Note : President, Secretary, Treasurer and the committee of the Rajans Group of 94 would like thank the Members who joined and supported this event, all the members who provided the vehicles, the brothers who worked hard for the T-Shirt and for organizing this event and for everyone who made their contributions in any form for the success of this event.